A mortgage loan and private lease, is this possible?

Private leasing is on the rise and many people now discover the convenience of this. Bank also receives more and more questions about the influence of a private lease contract on the possibilities for a mortgage. Consumers think that due to the listing of the private lease in the BKR, it is no longer possible to take out a mortgage. This is not completely true.

Influence of private lease on a mortgage

When you take out a private lease contract this will affect your BKR. The leasing company has to make a BKR registration. They have to do this because you have a monthly payment obligation to the leasing company when entering into a lease contract. This registration can affect the amount of the mortgage that you may want to close.

The leasing company registers 65% of the total lease amount. You only pay for the use of the car. The remaining 35% consists of the costs for insurance and maintenance, this does not have to be registered in the BKR. How much influence the private lease contract has on the mortgage depends on your personal situation and the amount of the mortgage. Connect with an independent mortgage advisor in your area.

Make the right decision

It is therefore possible to get a mortgage when you have a private lease contract. Always make the choice only after you have been well informed by a lender or a private leasing company. Also consider first what is more advantageous, buying a car or taking out a lease contract. Using the handy calculator below you can easily calculate the monthly costs of your own car and compare it with the monthly costs for a new private lease car from the Bank offer. Pleasantly arranged!


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