Mortgage loan on the rise

The mortgage loan-less buyer is gaining ground in the housing market. Last year, some 17% of owner-occupied homes in the Netherlands changed ownership without a mortgage loan involved. This is shown by figures from the Land Registry. Particularly in the large cities and on the coast, many houses are bought without a mortgage loan.

The vast majority of buyers who do not have to go to the bank for a mortgage loan are relatively old (over-70s), transferor or investor. Nearly 43% of mortgage loan-free buyers have multiple homes, 38% are moving on to a next home. Apartments in particular are paid in cash: three of the ten apartments were purchased without mortgage loan. According to the Land Registry, this is because these homes are relatively cheap.

Big cities

In Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, a quarter of the houses were purchased without a mortgage loan. Student cities such as Delft, Groningen and Maastricht even come out at around 30%, but that is partly because a small proportion of mortgage loan-free purchases are made by parents who buy houses for their children. In Utrecht, that percentage is slightly lower by 20%. The outlier is the Zeeland coast, where 30 to 40% of the homes were bought without a mortgage loan, a picture that also emerges in coastal towns such as Zandvoort, Noordwijk and Bergen in Noord-Holland.


There are concerns about the starters who are therefore dependent on an expensive rental home. Without generous parents or generous inheritance, they are increasingly out of the game in the big cities. The buying market is increasingly inaccessible to them because they can not compete with the purchasing power of multiple owners. mortgage loan-free buyers also have a much better negotiating position. Those who do not have to go to the bank to arrange a mortgage loan can, after all, act more quickly and offer more.

Rental homes

The positive thing about this development is that there are more rental properties in the free sector. Only 6% of homes in the Dutch market belong to this segment. While the demand for this type of home is increasing due to stricter mortgage loan rules and the desire to be flexible.

In 2016, approximately 30,000 owner-occupied houses were converted into rental homes. Whether this is also the affordable and well-maintained houses that need so much, is still the question. Potential buyers who misunderstand, and yet choose a rental home, are a lot more expensive. For homes up to € 235,000, consumers will pay an average of 80% more if they rent the house they wanted to buy.

Independent mortgage loan advisor

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