What is Private Loan?

When you use Private loan, it means that you can drive in a new car for a certain period of time, without having purchased it yourself, for a fixed monthly amount. You can see Private loan as a form of renting. You have the car at your disposal but are not responsible for maintenance and repair, insurance, road tax and depreciation.

Benefits of Private loan

If you opt for a Private loan car, you are fully equipped. You do not have to arrange anything anymore, just a full tank. You can immediately get on the road and use the car. With Private loan via bank you have the following benefits:

  • Insight into the costs you pay each month to Private loan.
  • All inclusive; no costs for maintenance, insurance and road tax.
  • No deposit.
  • Money back with fewer kilometers driven.
  • Free breakdown assistance, delivery and pick-up service.
  • No big investment to pay for a private car.
  • Always drive a new car.

How does Private loan work?

Private loan is easy in his work. You opt for a company that offers Private loan, search for the car you would like to loan and request a quote. Before you request the quotation, you must first make a few choices:

  • Type of class and car
  • Duration
  • The number of kilometers
  • Extras at the car
  • Exchange of current car

Type of class and car

Cars are divided into different classes, also at Private loan. The class in which the car falls is determined by the size, length and price of the car. When you use Private loan through bank you can choose from cars in 4 different classes:

Class A:
Cars that fall in class A are the smallest and cheapest cars, also called city cars. These compact cars usually have 4 seats, run on petrol and are often no longer than 3.5 meters. They are also perfectly suited for shorter distances or for driving in urban areas. Cars that fall into this Private loan class are for example: Volkswagen Up, Kia Picanto and Renault Twingo.

Class B:
This class includes cars that are slightly larger than the cars in the A-class, but still fall under the smaller and cheaper cars. Cars in the B-class are also called Hatchback. You can drive longer distances and you have more space in the car than an A-Class. In this class you will find the Volkswagen Polo, Renault Clio and the Opel Corsa.

Class C:
The most popular class in Private loan is the C-class. This includes luxury cars such as the Volkswagen Golf and the Opel Astra. A very suitable family car with enough space, which is also often used for business leasing. The cheaper station wagons also fall under this class, such as the Opel Astra ST.

Class EV:
The letters of the class betray it already, in this class you find the electric vehicles for the middle class. These very economical cars are suitable for driving in the urban areas and the shorter distances. In this class you will find the Nissan Leaf, Renault ZOE and the Hyundai IONIQ.


When you use Private loan, it is important to determine how long you actually need the car or how long you would like to use the car. You can choose between 3 different maturities at Private loan: 24 months, 36 months and 48 months.

You always conclude the Private loan contract with one of the above maturities. Is your term not yet expired, but do you no longer want to use the car? Then you will have to buy the contract. Do you want to use the car for longer? Then you can indicate this at Arval.

Good to know; the longer the term is, the cheaper the monthly amount will be.

The number of kilometers

With a Private loan contract you always have to drive the number of kilometers that number of kilometers you expect to drive per year. This has to do with the road tax and the insurance of the car. Do you drive more kilometers than specified? Then you will have to pay for every additional kilometer driven.

The advantage of Private loan via bank is that if you drive fewer kilometers than specified, Arval will give you a refund for this. So you only pay for the kilometers that you actually have driven.

Extras at the car

If you have chosen a car, you want it to be fully in line with your needs. That’s why you can often opt for extras such as winter tires. Note that you will be charged for this in your monthly amount. As a result, the monthly amount may turn out to be more expensive than before. But by choosing extras you can also get a discount on your monthly amount. This can be done by having the stickers posted on your car. It is often the case that you get more discount on your Private loan when the sticker becomes larger.

Exchange of current car

With a Private loan contract you can also choose to exchange your current car. You will then receive an amount from the loan company. They will make an offer for your current car with which you can agree. If you agree, you will be credited the amount to your account.

Continued after quotation

As soon as you have made the choices for your Private loan car and have passed on this via bank, Arval will contact you. They will check your BKR registration, prepare the contract for you and deliver the car to you. You can go directly on the road with your car. From that moment you start with the monthly payment for your loan car. As soon as you want to change your contract, you can pass this on to Arval. They will adjust this for you.

Everything included at Private loan

When you use Private loan via bank, everything is included in your contract. So you have no extra costs for your insurance, road tax, maintenance and repair. This is all arranged for you by Arval. Your insurance is tailored to the number of kilometers you drive, as well as maintenance and tires. If there is something wrong with your car then there will also be replacement transport arranged for you. You only have to refuel yourself.

What does Private loan cost?

The costs for Private loan depend on the aforementioned factors. You can make your Private loan contract as expensive as you want. Because with Private loan everything is included, you therefore have no additional costs in addition to the monthly installment amount. You can already use Private loan from € 189 per month including all additional matters.

Private loan via bank

Do you want to use all the advantages of a Private loan car. A new drive and you do not have to worry about all additional costs such as insurance and road tax? View here the offer of all Private loan cars via bank.


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